Monday, December 30, 2013

The year 2013 - Review, Thanks, Thoughts

Here it is the recap of 2013; a post that I have written many times over in my head but for some reason my thoughts did not transfer into a post.  Now why not?!  Okay - not funny I get it and really is anyone really interested in my 2013 recap?! Well, for one I just need it get it out of my head because otherwise it will languish there forever...just like many other posts that were never written this year;  posts that were perfectly scripted in my head and I just never typed out.  The good news is, well they are still in there and a New Year is coming.  Right?!  Who says that I cannot write those posts in 2014?  That is right, because this is my little blog...remember just like "It's my party and I cry if I want to" just rephrase it to "It's my blog and I write if I want to".  Oh, to those of you that do not know me in person I have this...well, let me call it for lack of other term gift, okay in a way it is a gift.  Now what?!  A gift - what on earth - alright I will not keep you in suspense any longer and will share with you what it is.  Well - this sounds odd - songs will pop into my head out of no where.  Really, there are certain phrases and then it happens like just now.  Aren't you glad you know this little tidbit about me now?!  I know, it is just what you always wanted to know...

Now I have gotten completely off track - 2013 the year in review;  let me focus on what I promised.  This year has been a really, really good year.  Our children as well as the rest of the family is healthy.  I am now the mother of a 10 year old and a 7 year old; Alena graduated from 3rd to 4th grade and Mia Rose graduated from 1st to 2nd grade.  That is hard to believe - were they not just in preschool?   I continue to be an avid advocate for Newborn Screening, and Alena and Mia Rosie's newborn screening story was featured in the Oregonian, and by APHL to celebrate the 50 year Anniversary of Newborn Screening.  Alena's story was featured in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and included in an outstanding investigative report shedding light on the terrible practice of batching Newborn Screening tests at the hospital before sending them on to the State Lab. See, some hospitals wait for a couple of days before sending the tests to the labs, some labs are closed on the weekends, and sadly the result comes back too late for some of the babies.  Galactosemia is just one of those conditions that need an immediate response and this article made me realize again just how lucky we are.   Newborn Screening saves lives, and it is so important that all expecting parents learn as much as they can about the test before their baby is delivered. My last tidbit on newborn screening advocacy is that I have been appointed to serve a two year term on the Oregon State Newborn Screening Advisory Committee.

My little blog has continued to grow and 2013 was the year I changed the name from "Galactosemia in Portland" to "The Not So Cheesy Kitchen".  Truth be said, a) how many people know what Galactosemia is, and b) I have been concentrating a lot on the treatment i.e. the foods we eat :) a.k.a. Food Blog.  Now some thanks are in order to Ron, as well as our dear friends Larissa and Martin who helped come up with "The Not So Cheesy Kitchen" name of the blog.  Talking about my blog thank you Heather {a.k.a. Girlichef} for all the help and friendship. Oh, and yes I should mention that the girls are so used of me taking pictures of their dishes, them eating, them helping in the kitchen... I overheard Alena explain to her friend "my Mom takes pictures of all the foods we eat"...So thank you, girlies!

2013 also marked that year that I finally got back into running.  Yes, that is right after a almost 15 year break and with many failed attempts to get back into running I have finally made it.  I started back in May of this year and have not fallen off the "track".  Thank you to my dear friend Denise for coming up with a plan, is encouraging me and of course to Ron who makes sure that I make it out the door :).  Yes, I am slow but it clears my mind, lifts my mood...

This year was also the year we took a family vacation in Alto Adige {Northern Italy} after spending time in my hometown of Tuttlingen, Germany.  Danke, Mama :)  Talking about visits and vacations, we tried out snow shoeing {the girls were not fans}, discovered cross country skiing and took a couple of trips out to Sunriver, Oregon.  Then of course there was the surprise visit by my sister Kati...and yes,  it is hard living this far away from family.

Are any of you still here? Or did I loose you all by this long post?  Well, let me say this there are so many more people I should thank.  So I say Thank you to all of every single one of you reading this.  I appreciate all of you.

Wishing all of you a Happy, Healthy, and Successful 2014.  May all your wishes for the New Year come true.  Cheers!!!


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