Sunday, August 15, 2010

Chocolate found - Spreadable, and bar chocolate :)

We recently found a couple of new (at least to us) items in the store.  One is spreadable chocolate which is somewhat similar to Nutella but without nuts, and milk; the other is a creamy sweet chocolate bar which is perfect for making s'mores and for eating :)

I found both items at New Seasons Market here in Portland.  The spreadable chocolate is "Dark Choco Dream", made in Belgium and distributed by Natural Nectar.  Here is a link to the manufacturers' site Only the Dark Choco Dream is milk free. The items is also available from various online stores.  Oh, and it is quite delicious :)

The chocolate bar is "Sweet Chocolate Dream".  It is very creamy, delicious and really sweeter than the usual safe dark chocolate I found. In the dark version, there is also a bar with raspberries, rice crunch, almonds, and just plain dark chocolate.  In case you are interested, here is the link  The girlies - by the way - love it!!!

Happy Chocolate eating to all!


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