Wednesday, September 12, 2012

#Newbornscreening is near and dear to my heart

Yes,  I write about this topic sometimes.  Are you tired of it?  If you want to stop reading, go ahead but  please tell all your friends and family who are looking to welcome a baby into their lives about this test.  Some people call it the PKU test {for the metabolic disorder PKU}, others call it the "heel prick" but it's official name is Newbornscreening.  This topic is not about whether you agree with me or not. It is not about whether you like me or not. This is about saving the lives of babies.  Plain and simple!

Newbornscreening tests infants born in all 50 States for a wide array of disorders that if not caught in timely manner can end up debilitating, or deadly.  Not every State tests for the same disorders, so it is very important to know before the baby arrives what exactly is tested and if maybe an additional screen should be considered.  The Screen Babies Foundation - an all volunteer organization of Mom's who have been touched by newbornscreening - has valuable information.  Find answers to your questions, and find out what disorders your state tests...

So just in case you do not know,  I am so passionate about Newbornscreening because both of our children are healthy today only because of the Newbornscreen.  I did not know about the test before Alena our oldest daughter was born.  But then again I also had never heard about Classic Galactosemia, the metabolic disorder both of our children have.  Click on this link to read our story.  We have two happy stories, there are more happy stories such as Nikki's, Damian's, Alex's  and many more. But unfortunately there is a long number of stories that did not have to end so sad.

Read Cora's story - Pulse Ox Screening could have saved her
Alexis could have been saved if newbornscreening had detected her MCADD
Ben could have been saved if his MCADD would have been detected by Newbornscreening

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