Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dairyfree Toast Hawaii for #SundaySupper

This week for #SundaySupper the theme is "Retro Recipes"; food memories that take you back in time. These are recipes that some of us make exactly as they were made back then, or others made changes to them.  

When the theme was first announced, I just knew that it will be Hawaii Toast {or Toast Hawaii} for us. Toast meets ham - pineapple - and a slice of cheese.  It is really good and in Germany you can find it on the menu in many restaurants. Something I grew up with,the girls so far have not not "met" Hawaii Toast.  

Toast Hawaii was "invented" in 1955 by the first German TV Chef Clemens Wilmenrod. The original version includes slices of cheese {like Kraft Singles}, butter, and a maraschino cherry on top. It is sweet, creamy, and salty all at once. I loved it growing up. My Omi would make Hawaii Toast for all of us grandkids for lunch. I remember one lunch when one of my cousins was clearly upset, that the cheese of his Hawaii Toast melted into to pineapple instead of forming a dome...

So now, finally it is time for our girls to meet a dairy free version of Toast Hawaii

 Dairyfree Toast Hawaii 

I decided to use Tofutti American Slices for the dairy free version; for the dairy version I used Emmenthaler {which the girls can also eat}.

As this is such an easy dish to make,and Mia Rose loves to work in the kitchen she pretty much made all of them.

Dairyfree Toast Hawaii {recipe is calculated for 4} 

  • 8  slices of toast {I used whole wheat}
  •    Earth Balance Margarine {or other vegan margarine} to   "butter" the bread
  • 8  large (or 16 small) slices of ham {make sure it does not have any hidden dairy}
  • 8  slices of canned pineapple
  • 16 slices of Vegan Tofutti American Style Slices {or Emmenthaler}

***Preheat oven to 350***
1. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper, or use individual 
   ovensafe dishes,
2. Toast the bread and "butter" one side of the warm bread. Put
   onto baking dish,
3. Top each "buttered" toast with 1-2 slices of ham,
4. Top each toast with 1 slice of pineapple,
5. Top each toast with 2 slices of cheese
6. Bake in preheated oven for 15 minutes

Be careful it will be hot - enjoy!!!

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