Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Easy Gnocchi w/ Pesto & Salad for #WeeknightSupper

Alena & Ron at the Rhododendron Garden
We had a lovely long weekend.  School on Saturday, friends for dinner on Sunday, and Monday we spent with a nice walk at the Rhododendron Garden, visit to the playground, and finished the day with a soak in the pool at the Kennedy School.  Yes,  I can say we had a very nice weekend, and food-wise we were well taken care of as there was plenty of leftover Jubelale Stew from our Sunday night dinner party. Enough for Monday dinner, and everyone's lunch today...

Mia Rose enjoying the slide on the playground

For dinner tonight I needed something easy and quick.  Gnocchi is often a dish that fits that; I have not made it in a while plus there were still plenty of potatoes left.  Homemade Gnocchi is really - trust me - easy.  You can cook the potatoes the night before, in the morning, or whenever you have time.  Put together the dough - it is really done in a snap, then top it with pesto and it is one delicious meal...You prefer a vegan dish?  Just leave out the Paremsiano Regiano.

1 1/4 lbs potatoes {I use Russets for Gnocchi}
1-3/4 C  flour {generous}
1-2    tsp Salt
   2    Tbl Olive Oil

1. Peel potatoes and boil in salt water until done
2. Pour flour into a large bowl - Push potatoes through a ricer onto the flour; add salt & Olive Oil
3. Mix everything gently together with a dough scraper {or by hand} until you have a firm dough
    {the process takes about 5-6 minutes}
***Bring a large pot of water with salt to a boil***
4. While water is warming up, divide dough into four equal parts Form, and shape each one into a long
     rolls.  Cut each roll into equal gnocchi, each about 1 inch, or longer (2.5 cm)
5.  When water is boiling, add the entire Gnocchi batch at once to the boiling water at once. Turn heat
     down to a simmer.  Cook for about another minute once they float to the surface and remove with a
     skimmer from the water to a serving dish.
6.  Top with your favorite topping

Tonight I topped the Gnocchi with Pesto I made this summer.  I froze the pesto {made with walnuts} into individual "cubes" {are they not pretty flower & hearts} and take them out when I start making the Gnocchi.  By the time the Gnocchi are done, the Pesto has defrosted - I added Parmesiano Regiano {do not freeze with cheese in it} to the Pesto.

This is a perfect, delicious dinner :)


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