About me and how to contact me

I am the mother of two girls who both have Classic Galactosemia. The four of us happily live in Portland, Oregon. I am originally from Germany and we travel to Europe regularly. We have been living in Portland since 2002 and both girls are native Oregonians :). I hope you enjoy this little blog about our life, fun times sometimes not so fun times, and hopefully learn a little about what it is like to live with Classic Galactosemia.

I am an advocate for Newborn Screening because without the test our life would not be the way it is now.  Newborn Screening saved the lives of both of our children. Learn more about Newborn Screening at www.savebabies.org.  A wonderful organization of all parents advocating for Newborn Screening and educating the public about it.

I always love to receive feedback.  Please feel free to leave comments on the posts, or you may also contact me at germanpdx at gmail.com.  

Please note that I reserve the sole right on publication of any comments. Thank you!


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