Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween - Candy at proud of my oldest...

Our oldest goes to Preschool 5 mornings a week. The school does a fantastic job managing the diet...Today she was in after care for an hour. When I picked her up she showed me a piece of Tootsie Roll and asked "Right, Mommy I cannot eat this candy?". Of course she canNOT eat Tootsie Rolls. I am just so proud of my 4 year old to 1.) confirm with me that its not OK to eat, 2.) hold on to the candy, 3.) give up the candy without any problems...WOW - I am not sure that I would have been able to do that at 4...

In any case, this also goes to show that it is just so important to educate the other adults around us to never give any food to kids they do not know...

Happy Halloween everyone.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Chocreale - Chocolate/Hazelnut spread just like Nutella

I grew up with Nutella. So every time I see Nutella in a store a get a little sad because the girls cannot eat it. Last year in Europe we discovered Chocoreale. It is a chocolate spread available in Hazelnut/chocolate, dark chocolate, and "milk" and chocolate. I brought a couple of jars back with me last year but not this year because it is so heavy.

I just found a store selling Chocoreale online in the States. It is quite expensive but so worth it for a treat every so often. The web-link to this vegan food store is

FYI - I did not check out their entire selection but it does look great what they have to offer. I hope you and your kids will enjoy Chocoreale just as much as we do...

Sweet "cream" - whipable

Soya Too now also sells "whip able" cream in addition to the whip cream. I saw it last week at New Seasons Market. What a great addition when making cakes, etc. This will be so handy.

In Germany I saw this in stores and brought a couple of Tetra Packs with me just to have on glad to have found it here.

If you do not have this item available in your local grocery store don't worry. I just also found it online at

"The Vegan Store" -

they also carry the Alpro heavy cream., chocolates, dairy free what a great selection on non-dairy foods... check it out looks great.

One disclaimer so - I have never bought food stuff from an online store...

Halloween - Trick or Treating what to do...

We are back stateside and I am finally somewhat getting caught up on everything including the blog.

This week is Halloween and we will go "Trick or Treating" with both girls. They both want to be cats this year...I think that this is the first year that I am feeling a little less anxious about this tradition. In past years I was always worried that our oldest would be upset to have to give up candy. Here is what we did last year...

- When we get home we exchange the "bad" candy to candy they both can eat
- Last year oldest was really excited about that because she knows that there is plenty of
candy containing "Kuhmilch" which she won't touch

There are so many candy choices out there for the girls - so this is what we have in the house (and also hand out)-

- Skittels (this is their absolute favorite)
- Dots
- Mike & Ike
- Junior Mints
- Starburst
- Nerds
- Twizzlers

I am sure there are other options, this is just what we have found so far. Candy obviously is not the ideal food, but what a treat for a little kid :)


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