What is this Blog about?

In general this Blog is about our life, and what it is like to live with the rare metabolic disorder Classic Galactosemia.  

In this Blog I talk - a lot - about the foods we eat, share recipes, restaurants we go to, and just write about our daily life.  Why so much about food?  Well, Classic Galactosemia is managed through diet alone.  When first diagnosed it was very scary, and one of the big question was "what is our child going to eat?", "will we be able to go to restaurants?", "what will daily life for our children be like?".  Through the years, we have found answers to all of these questions. I am happy to say, that despite all the questions we had we live a blissfully ordinary life.  Please join us on our journey!

Please note, that the Galactosemic diet we follow the only items excluded in the diet are foods (of course also anything else ingested) that contains actual milk sugar. We DO allow tomatoes, legumes, etc. All these items were introduced to our children based upon the "stamp of approval" by our Metabolic Clinic. 

None of the posts are to be construed as dietary advice for managing Classic Galactosemia. Always check with your  Metabolic Clinic, and Dietician before introducing new foods. The guidelines and management for Classic Galactosemia vary greatly. 


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