Thursday, May 6, 2010

What a day!!!

What a day yesterday was. First Doc appointment, next fun lunch, next visit to Ikea to get pillow case for Alena's school play, next rest, and the last plan of the day was for Alena to go to Do Jump! class. Well, that did not happen and instead we ended up visiting the ER at Legacy Emmanuel Children's Hospital. What happened? Well, Alena was so excited for class that she went ahead to go to the car. She jumped off the front step, slipped, and fell right into the front step. There was blood everywhere, a huge gauge in her chin...really, not just a scrape but the skin was gaping open. Just as I was trying to figure out how to stop the bleeding, our friend stopped by...she calmed all three of us down. Well, she calmed Alena and me down. Mia Rosie was just so good...all she said was "I don't want Ninni to be hurt.." Our friend ran back home, put gauze on the wound, and taped it up. I then took both girls to the ER and was prepared for it to take hours. Was I wrong! We got there, we checked in, Alena got her bracelet (much to her delight), and within 5 minutes we were seen by the nurses. Another 5 minutes later the physician came in and took a look. No shots were necessary - as thankfully all vacinations are up-to-date - as they applied a topical anestetic. It was great because I think Alena's greatest fear is to get a shot...after 30 minutes they were ready to sew it up. One of the nurses was so kind to take Mia Rose along to the Nurse Station, and I stayed and held Alena's hands. I have had to look the other any case, the physician used a very small needle and sutured it all up. It took about six stiches. The physician, as well as all the nurses were just amazing.

I have to say that this really shook me up. It just takes a split second for something to happen. I am still a bit shaken-up. Thankfully Alena is all better. I got her early from school today and all she wanted to do was get a movie. So you know what she picked at Movie Madness? "Princess and the Frogs" and a box of Junior Mints :) The people at Movie Madness were so nice. Alena told them what happend and they gave her the box of Junior Mints to feel better. Isn't that sweet?!

Alright here is to getting better...we have to run to pick-up Mia Rosie from school :)


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