Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Alena's school play & the ice cream celebration party - Thank you, Childswork!!!

Everyone has school plays at the end of the year and I am sure that they are an exciting time for everyone.  Alena also had at her school just like in the previous two years.  The school play at Childswork however is a little different because the students write the play, they create the stage decoration, and also make all of their costumes.  It is just amazing to see what these young children are capable off. The teachers are guiding the children, but the outcome is truly amazing.  Just look at Alena's costume

isn't it wonderful?! A pillow case cut, and painted, wings, and a head-piece.  What do you think?  Here is a picture of the entire class

aren't they just adorable? - Needless to say that both of us were two very proud parents.

Now about the after party.  Last year the after party took place at Ben & Jerry's which is one of our favorite ice cream places. They always have at least four different options which are CG safe.  This year a parent suggested to go out to a restaurant for ice cream for the after party.  I honestly was not thrilled about this idea.  I called the restaurant just to find out that there are zero no dairy dessert options, "...but you can bring your own..." I was told.  My first inclination was no way!!! But then again, Alena would feel terrible if we would not join the rest of her class.  But still I just did not feel that fantastic about it. Almost everybody else would be served their ice cream in a dish while our girlies would bring their own carton...so I had a thought.  What about if we buy the buy our ice cream, drop it off at the restaurant, go to the play, return to the restaurant and they serve it...sounds kind of crazy, doesn't it?  I called, asked and you know what that is exactly what happened.  I took the girlies to the store, Alena picked out the "ice cream", we dropped it off, and that is what the girls got served.  Their ice cream along with all the other kids...

Now is the time to give kudos.  Kudos to the wonderful teachers and staff at Childswork.  I would like to  particularly recognize Alena's teacher Marlie for calling me a couple of nights before the event to make sure that I was OK with it.  How thoughtful is that?  You know this is Alena's third year at Childswork the only school she has so far gone to.  Before she started school I was so worried, worried what would happen if she ate non-safe foods, worried that she would feel left out and be left out...and now is the time for me to say "Thank you, Childswork!" Thank you for the confidence you have given my child and me.  Alena has learned to always ask if a food is safe for her.  Alena has never felt left out or been left out from any event that has taken place at school.  Thank you for making such a tremendous difference in our lives.  All of teachers that we have met have had such a tremendous impact on us as a family, and also on how we deal with CG. Thank you Marlie, Megan, Sally, Susi, Elianne, Emily, Connie, Megan, Sarah, Jenn, Sarah, Chris, Sundance, Laurie, Michelle and everyone else at this wonderful school.  Sorry if forgot to mention a person, it is not on purpose let me know :)


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