Monday, June 17, 2013

Where did time go? School is over for the summer...

I cannot believe that school is over.  What happened to the time?  Everyone tells you when your kids are little, that time just flies by.  Honestly - probably like many others - I really did not believe that.  But it is so true; especially since both girls entered school.  You know, elementary school.
First day of school 2012/13 {left} and 2011/12 {right}
To me it is a little like a double edged sword it is hard at times to let go, then again I am so proud to see how both of them are growing up becoming amazing girls. Do you know what I mean?
Last day of school 2013

So it is, as my friend Isabel says, about building memories, memories that last a life time.  I think we have been doing pretty well at that thinking back at all the things we have done during this past school year.  Let me see...Seattle, several day trips to Mt. Hood for snow shoeing and sledding, Cross Country Skiing in Sunriver, a couple of day trips to the Oregon coast, many urban hikes, roller skating, birthday parties and lot's and lot's of family time...

Interviews of both girls about the last day of school are coming your way later on this week :)  Thank you so much!


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