Monday, August 12, 2013

Cucumber Cold Bowl {#recipe} & Gasthof Steinegger Eppan

 The girls and I left for Europe in late June; it was three more weeks of school and work for the three of us.  The girls - as every year - attended the school I went to as a kid while I worked and visited my German clients.  Ron stayed behind in Portland, and joined us the last couple of weeks for our family vacation. Last year we spent a week at the Lake of Constance {Bodensee} for our vacation, but this year we wanted to go a little bit further south.  Alto Adige to be exact.  It is one of our favorite places.  Growing up in Germany I would go there friends a couple times a year; Ron and I first visited back in 2000; we came back with the family in 2008 and it is where Mia Rose first started to walk. It is the perfect place for a family vacation, that is both active and relaxing.  Plus did I mention the food and wine yet?! So this year, we decided to go back to Alto Adige.

Eppan {Appanio} is where we went, and I found perfect lodgings at Gasthof Steinegger a hiking hotel.  I found the link on the web and immediately fell in love with it. Why? First take a look at the web-site, now take a look at the view from our room.

Yes,  this is exactly what it looked like.  

We were not disappointed.  There are plenty of hikes we started right from the hotel, or  just a short drive away.  Take a look at all the hikes we did...and the ladies did enjoy the pool every afternoon :)

Of course, there was also food :) This hotel can be booked as "Bed & Breakfast" or "half board" - I highly suggest the "half board".  What does that mean? Well, it includes the full breakfast buffet - cold cuts, cheeses, Speck, bread, rolls, jam, cereal, yoghurt, eggs - enough to fill you up; and then every evening there is a five course meal al fresco.  Yes,  five courses - salad, soup or appetizers, another smaller dish such as pasta, main meal {meat/fish}, and dessert. Oh yes, you need to make sure to stay active during the day :) The food was amazing - take a look - and the best part was that they were able to ensure that our kids have "safe" meals every day.  For breakfast they ordered special bread just for our girls, and for dinner there was always something special they could eat, yes, even dessert.  Thank you so much!

One of the soups we were served was Gurkenkaltschale {Cucumber Cold Bowl} - it is a cold soup, absolutely refreshing and perfect on a hot day.  It is so good, and I was thrilled when this week's CSA box included plenty of lemon cucumbers {regular cucumbers work as well}.  This is an easy, no cook summer meal.  All you need is a peeler, knife, blender, and fridge.  Believe me it is super easy, and also delicious. Take a look...

Cucumber Cold Bowl {Gurkenkaltschale}

  • 2 lbs fresh cucumbers {I used mainly lemon cucumbers} peeled, and coarsely chopped
  • 4-5 fresh garlic cloves {use as many or little as you like - we really like garlic}
  • 1/4 C fresh dill {roughly chopped}
  • 1/4 C Vegan Sour Cream {I use Tofutti brand}
  • Salt & Pepper to taste
  1. Place cucumbers into blender and puree,
  2. Add garlic, dill and continue to puree
  3. Blend in Vegan Sour Cream
  4. Add Salt & Pepper to taste
  5. Place in fridge and chill soup before serving


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