Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Smoothies for breakfast - a #review of the Ninja Auto iQ Blender System - {#productreview #ad}

Disclaimer:  I have received a Ninja Auto iQ Blender System from Ninja ~ All opinions are my own

How is everyone?!  It seems like I have gotten lazy with my blog but believe me,  it has been - just like everyone else - super busy around here.  The girls ran Junior Cross Country which meant practice twice a week in addition to all of our other regular stuff.  I will tell everyone more about that soon because surely everyone cannot wait to hear about my kiddos ;) - Work has been busy and yes,  I am SO behind on my blog. How did this happen again?  Well, yes I know why because the thing to transpose my thoughts to a post has still not yet been developed….okay so now what does this all have to with the Ninha Blender System? Hang on…okay so do you remember my first ever food blogger conference that I attended this fall?  Yes,  the International Food Blogger Conference in Seattle where I had just the greatest time.  Ninja was one of the conference sponsors and I am quite excited to review the complete Ninja Auto iQ Blender System.

Yes, super exciting but truth be said as I was not quite sure what to expect and after all a blender - albeit an older model - was already in this house.  Newsflash…OH - MY - WORLD {really people I am not making this up} what on earth were we missing.  The old blender? Glad you ask it is now retired on a basement shelf collecting dust.  What is it about the Ninja Auto iQ Blender System - let me tell you; the girls have always asked for smoothies at breakfast time but I did not deliver because you know my old blender a) did not blend that well, and b) a pain to clean up. Now let me tell you over the weekend I made my first blueberry smoothie using a recipe from the handy dandy recipe guide and have not stopped making breakfast smoothies since.  - Wow!!! So could, perfectly blended plus a snap to clean up.  It could not be easier.  Place the fruit, vegetable, "milk" in the Nutri Cup place it on top of the blender and one minutes later the smoothie is ready.  One of the reasons I am so excited is because MiaRose now finally finishes her morning smoothie without a complaint - no longer is it a fight to get her to drink her fortified OJ or Almond Milk. Take a look at our smoothies….

Saturday was also the one day of the year for me to make Zwiebelkuchen {Swabian Onion Tart} - it happens only once a year since chopping 2 pounds of onions is not my favorite thing to do but you know what?  Yes,  you guessed it - I peeled the onions and processed them in a couple of batches in the Ninja Food Processor Bowl.  Let me just say that Zwiebelkuchen may be happening at least a second time this fall in our house

…and then there was also the Vegan Banana Chocolate Mousse happened, Alena was in chocolate heaven.
The details

Blends - Chops - perfectly
Smoothies come out perfectly blended
Easy to use
Works fast
Cleans easy
Endless options

A little bit bulky

The blender system specs
1 1500W Motor Base  With Auto-iQ™
1 72 oz. Blender Pitcher
1 Small 18 oz. Nutri Ninja® Cup
1 Regular 24 oz. Nutri Ninja® Cup
1 Jumbo 32 oz. Nutri Ninja® Cup
1 Pro Extractor Blades™
3 Sip and Seal™ Lid(s)
1 Food Processing Bowl & Blade Accessories
1 Inspiration Guide
1 Rachel Beller 3-Day Jump-Start Plan
1 Rachel Beller's Best Selling Book Eat to Lose, Eat to Win

Retail price for the entire system: $249.99


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