Thursday, January 15, 2015

Timberline Lodge - Mini-break on Mt. Hood {#travel with #kids #oregon #pdx}

Here it is only the beginning - okay almost - middle of January and we were ready for a mini-break; to be fair {to us albeit} we had not been away since November and let's just put it right out there the four of us love to get away and travel.  Yes,  this surely is not shocking news.  Sometimes one night away at a spot that is close, does not break the bank, has a lovely pool and ambiance is all that is needed and I am so excited that we found the perfect place. Less than 2 hours away from Portland - less than 1-1/2 hr actually from our house - in winter wonderland on Mt. Hood Timberline Lodge is the perfect spot that fits the bill.

Stay in one of the  "Chalet Rooms" {aka bunk bed rooms} with a shared bathroom and it becomes an economical getaway that these adults and kids love.  We stayed in a two bunk room and - of course - both ladies wanted to sleep in a top bunk.  Plus just a short walk down the hallway what do you find?  The most amazing - I do not say this lightly friends; really it is amazing - year round outdoor swimming pool.  It was snowing up on the mountain and we were swimming outside; really pure bliss and I am not exaggerating.  Not only does Timberline Lodge have an amazing pool but also a great Sauna.  Most probably do not know that I   we - as in Ron and me - are huge fans.  The pool and sauna are perfect for relaxation after a day on the slopes, or as we did sledding…

The restaurant at Timberline serves up delicious fare, with great ambiance and - you know this is the most important part for us - they are able to accommodate the girls dietary needs.  Our serve made sure that everything was "safe"  The girls even got dessert!  You may not know this however dessert is mostly impossible when eating out as most of the desserts are laden with {ga}lactose.  Same thing at Timberline however sorbet is served as a palate cleanser and thanks yo our awesome server the girls had a big scoop of sorbet for dessert.

The perfect place to hang out after dinner is by the fire place on one of the couches.  Fire crackling, snow outside…it is perfection.  MiaRose and Ron decided to read while Alena and I enjoyed several rounds of Eckolo before heading outside into the snowy night to enjoy absolute quiet and darkness.

After a good nights sleep it was time for some coffee {and tea} with a view of the great blue sky, and a snowy top of the mountain.  Lovely beyond words.  The restaurant serves breakfast a la carte, or also has a fantastic breakfast buffet; now I do not say this lightly because this girl does not like buffets.  Yes, they are usually not my thing but this one is fantastic.  Fresh fruit,  homemade granola, potatoes, make your own waffles…plus there is plenty for the girlies to eat well sort of.  The eggs on the buffet are not "safe" so the kitchen some just for the girlies, pancakes, sausages, and ham were "safe", just not the waffles. Admittedly MiaRose was disappointed that she could not eat a waffle, but she ended up making a couple of waffles for Ron :)

This was the perfect get away and yes,  I we could have stayed - quite easily - another night.

Disclaimer - NO compensation was received  for this post  :)


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