Friday, April 24, 2015

Bagby Hot Springs {#travel #Oregon #PDX}

We have finally made it out to Bagby Hot Springs out in the Mt. Hood National Forest  This has been on my wish list in forever.  By the time I think about it is usually is already quite late in day, and then there is also the little piece of distance.  Now this beauty - depending on your threshold of time spent in the car - is a drive but oh, so totally absolutely worth it and I am not a hot tub fan.  Well, of course this is no hot tub but a hot spring brining absolute mind clearing serenity.  It is in the middle of the woods,  it is a tiny hike about 1-1/2 miles which non-surpisingly still brought on the "When are we finally question - but oh, my.  The trail to the Hot Springs is already magical; green in any variety dark, light, the sound of a river as the trail leads up along a river. It is easy to imagine it as fairy land.

and then just when we thought we missed a turn….

Just a couple steps past the sign  hot water bubbles up and is directed to by wooden lines to the different soaking areas.

The water runs to the soaking area to five private rooms, about three  round tubs for smaller groups, and a couple of larger tub for a bigger group.  We chose the private soaking room…what to expect?  First off, the tub is a carved out of a cedar log log…Please tell me you are as excited as I am about this.
Once in the room, let the hot water flow in and be sure to get a few buckets of cold water; because the water is hot. Next..soak.  Sit back, relax, look out through the holes in the roof…

What do you think?  It is absolute bliss….then walk back to the car through the magical forest

Good to know if you go:
In addition to towels pack water, snacks, and all other stuff you usually bring with you on a hike.  Yes, this is short but it is in the middle of Mt. Hood National Forest, the weather can change, people slip and did I mention that it is in the middle of the woods?  So yes, no matter how close and easy it seems wear sturdy shoes.

There is a $5 {cash only} soaking fee for each adult - so be sure to bring cash, or get your wristband the Ripplebrook Store.  Bagby Hot Springs are about 40 miles SouthEast of Estacada so yes,  it takes some time to get out there but it is so worth is.

Lastly,  it does get very busy so be prepared to wait and most of all have fun!


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