Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lunch date at Por Que No Taqueria with Mia Rose

Mia Roses' school is closed for a couple of weeks. So that I could get a couple of hours of work done, a friend invited her over for a play date (thank you so much!!!). When I picked her up I asked her if she wanted to go on a lunch date for taco's with me. Mia wanted taco's so we went to Por Que No Taqueria on Hawthorne. We have been there before, but I never realized just HOW friendly their menu is to the CG diet. It is wonderful. All food is fresh, sustainable, and if possible local. There are a bunch of tacos which do not even have cheese on them, the "Pollo Verde" is one of them an it is delicious. We ordered one "Pollo Verde" for Mia Rose, one "Porque Tingua" for myself, and a side of beans without the cheese. Quite delicious. Mia Rose also loves chips, I think probably all kids do :), and guacamole. The chips are made fresh, and the guacamole is also CG safe. It is FANTASTIC. They have homemade juice, and Horchata. Both are safe for the kids. But you know what? There is even dessert the kids can eat. Isn't that great?! They also have pop sickles...just wonderful because it just does not happen often that there is a dessert the girlies can eat :)

Please check out Por Que No Taqueria. They have two locations in PDX. One right here in SE, and the other one is in North PDX. Here is the link


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