Saturday, August 8, 2009

We went camping in Central Oregon

This past weekend and part of this week we went on a camping trip to the High Desert. The first night we stayed in a "Deluxe Cabin" at Lake Billy Chinook Lake. Amazing! We experienced a very violent Thunderstorm, saw a ton of lizards, us adults were amazed by the landscape , and the effect of the change in light...We cooked out and had great fun. Here is a link to the park, if you are interested to see what the cabins look like just click on "more pictures" BTW - the picture I posted yesterday is taken at the Marina of Lake Billy Chinook.

The next day we drove about 30 miles to Tumalo State Park which is only about 5 Miles away from downtown Bend. We set up our tent, but went into town for dinner on one night. Great campground. It is right of the Deschutes River where it is really slow. The girls had a ton of fun playing in the water, or on the playground. Check out Tumalo State Park here Once we ate at Bend Brewing Company and it was such a great experience Eating out has become pretty low stress for us by now. The girl's diet is just second nature to us and we feel that you have to put some trust into people. Also, we know that their levels are great and that they will not go into any type of shock should they mistakenly get a bit of whey, etc. In any case, the server was great. She made sure that their food was safe, and we all enjoyed a great outdoor dinner.

The next day we visited the Lava Butte, and Lava Flow Again, amazing...on our way back to the campground we stopped to get ice cream at a store. Fully expecting to only be able to offer Popsicles for the girls, we actually found Rice Dream Chocolate Covered ice "cream" bars...The following day we went back past the Lava Butte to hike the Lava Cave. Alena almost hiked the entire way in, Mia Rose however was really scared and decided to nap instead in the Ergo on Ron's back :) http://, after we cooled off in the 42 degree temperature we headed to the High Desert Museum for lunch and a visit. Just one word fun :)

The staff at the cafe was also wonderful. The girls shared a kids Turkey Sandwich which they brought out on two plates. Also there the staff was so helpful when I asked about ingredients, and we checked out the labels. It is so empowering to be able to go out, eat out, and not worry...Oh, and here is the link to the High Desert Museum. http:// - I will post more pictures later...Better get going and make the girlies some waffles for breakfast now :)


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