Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Links to prior posts in regards to eating cheese, and knowing that it will be OK

A few of you have been wondering when we allowed our girls to eat cheese, and allow all fruits as well as veggies.  Here are links to my prior posts on this topic.  Just in a nutshell however, we allowed cheeses after meeting with a family in Northern Italy who have also two children with CG. Their kids are older than ours and both had already eaten Parmesiano Reggiano for a few years.  Neither of their kids had any issue.  -  The following year we met up with a family in Berlin and they have a daughter with CG.  At that time both of our kids were allowed Parmesiano Reggiano.  The German family however told us that their clinic is including a long list of aged cheeses in their daughter's diet.  She has been eating all those cheeses as well. In any case, I also spoke with a Swiss family and they are also allowing all fruits, veggies, legumes, as well as certain aged cheeses.  The Swiss family in particular was astonished to find out that the Acosta diet is still being followed. We only exclude products containing the actual milk sugar. In any case, we feel comfortable with the girl's diets as evidenced by their GALT levels. - I am looking forward to your comments :)

Here are the links to prior posts

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This is an individual journey for each family, and each clinic is also different.  It works for us....


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