Monday, May 6, 2013

Sunday at the Oregon Coast {Short Sands Beach - Oswald West}

The weather has gone a little crazy - at least so I think...please do not get me wrong I we are not complaining about the summery temperatures we have had this weekend.  Yes, summery temperatures I am not kidding; summery as in mid to high eighties (yes, 80s+) and yes, this is Portland, Oregon :)  Perfect time for a family excursions to the Oregon Coast; fresh air, beach....

The weather and temperature at the coast can be so different compared to Portland, but I prepared.  It generally {note generally} is quite a bit cooler, and blue skies are not guaranteed.  Let me tell you, I prepared!!! Yup - the mothership - unlike the rest of the family - was dressed appropriately. Long pants,  short sleeve shirt, know, it is the Oregon Coast. The girlies and Ron on the other hand were in shorts {dress}, and of course short sleeve shirts; do not worry, this mothership prepared.  Warm leggings, long sleeve shirts, and jackets were brought along for everyone.  Being cold is just no fun - right?!

We decided to go to Oswald West and take the hikelet {= a very short hike more a walk}through the magical forest to Short Sands Beach.  This is a surfer's beach and in a beautiful cove.  We have been there plenty of times and it is always so worth the visit.  As a side note, we {pre kids} have gone on a couple fantastic longer hikes there - magnificent views, and a beautiful hike {Cape Falcon}.

1-1/2 hours later we arrive at Oswald left and the temperature is...eighty-seven degrees {yes, 87F} at the Oregon Coast.  Ahhhhmmmm, yes it was hot at the beach and I was dressed completely inappropriate plus {of course} I did not bring any swim suits for the girlies.  Again, this is the Oregon Coast and no, I we would never ever allow my children to swim in the Pacific at the Oregon Coast but we do like to frolic in by the the water and in the "lakes" on the beach.

A beautiful hikelet through the magical forest where a couple of fairies walked with the girlies....truly magical...

Putting on sun screen - Playing in the sand

Playing in the "lake"

Can you see the elephant?


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