Thursday, May 30, 2013

This is why #newbornscreening matters to me...Sunriver long weekend pictures

In a conversation last week concerning the 50 year anniversary of Newborn Screening I was asked why the test matters to me.  That question made me all teary eyed, and brought me back to realize that nothing  - yes, n o t h i n g - would be as it is today without Newborn Screening.  No, I am not exaggerating as without the test Classic Galactosemia in Alena most likely would have been detected too late.  This is not a joking matter, this is not a mother taking something too serious, this is a test that saved my children's lives.  Yes, both my children were saved by the Newborn Screen.  Alena's test result came back just in time, but she had E. Coli Mengengitis and the antibiotics were started just in the nick of time.  Mia Rose was never exposed to breast milk and luckily she never got ill.  Without early detection through newborn screening the effect of this disorder can have devastating results on the baby.  We were beyond lucky, and we live such an ordinary life today just because of this little heel prick. Here is our story...

Yes, our life is ordinary.  Two healthy girls, two cats, a little house, and the occasional family get away.  
This last weekend - Memorial Day Weekend - we spent blissfully in Sunriver {Central Oregon}. One of our favorite places; it is pure relaxation and rejuvenation for the entire family.  We rent a vacation home and usually go out once for dinner or lunch.  Playground, swimming, hiking {okay mini hikes :)}
hot tubbing, card & board games, get the picture, right?!  Well, here are some pictures and as you look at our girls, please remember that out life would not be like this without timely detection of Classic Galactosemia and Newborn Screening.  The test saved their lives....

A game of tetherball {Ron & Alena}

Swimming outside on a drizzly day
Visit to Lavalands
Hike at Smith Rock State Park {Monkey Face}


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