Sunday, July 14, 2013

School, Play, and Playmobile Land {Germany 2013}

How are you?  Have you been missing us?!  Yes, yes I know the world does not revolve around is just my meager attempt to be funny ;)

Anyways, we have been in Germany now for almost three weeks and am very much enjoying ourselves.  The girls go to school Monday through Friday, while I work and visit my German clients.  We are staying at my Mom's this year and it has been the best decision.  It is wonderful to get a little spoiled by not having to cook, enjoy my Mom's kitchen and spend quality time with her.  Have I mentioned how amazing her Bratkartoffeln {fried potatoes} are?

The girls have been - at least most of the time - enjoying to go to school and see their friends again.  They visit every year so it is - also for the German kids and at least in Alena's class - a welcome back, Alena.  For Mia Rose it is the first time at a German school, as school here starts with first grade and not Kindergarten :)  One of the things my youngest loves is that she is able to walk to and back home all by herself.  Alena is not the biggest fan of it, but Mia Rose?!   Both girls are fully integrated in the classrooms {they both speak German} and the experience to compare the German school to their school in Portland has been - as always - awesome...Last week, both participated in the Bundesjugendspiele which is a full morning of competitive sports.  They ran, long jumped, high jumped and had loads of fun.  Alena went on an afternoon hike with her class and we ended the day with a big BBQ party at one of the many parks {Waldspielplatz} surrounding Tuttlingen.

On the weekends we have been visiting friends; we see each other only once a year but always pick-up right were we left off.  Now that to me is a sign of true friendship!!!

For fun other we have been to an outdoor theater and saw Rapunzel; visted the Fairytale Garden in Ludwigsburg; went swimming at TuWass; spent time at many playgrounds; visited the Playmobile Fun Land....

And for dinner out?  There is one dish that always works; do you know what it is?  Yup, Pommes Frites which the girls prefer "red/white" { ketchup & mayonnaise}, as well as  plenty of ice "cream".  There are always options when you ask and explain the situation!


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