Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Trick-or-Treating tips for #kids {#allergy #Galactosemia} #halloween

Mia Rose carving her Jack-O-Lantern
Can you believe that it is almost Halloween Eve?!  Alena and Mia Rose have been counting down the days; we decorated the house and yard right on time - you know that is October 1st - visited the pumpkin patch and started to carve our Jack-O-Lanterns a couple of days ago.  Dinner for Halloween is planned, costumes are ready, and candy for handing out is bought as well.  I guess you can say we are prepared...

Here is a question that has was on my mind when our girls where not old enough to go trick-or treating.  How will that work?  Will they be sad if they cannot eat the candy?  Or will we just not allow them to go?  {Yes, I honestly entertained that question once for about 10 seconds...what on earth was I thinking?!}
Alena carving her Jack-O-Lantern
The first time year we took Alena trick-or-treating we went to the Kennedy School for an indoor trick-or-treat event.  She was so excited and at the time we allowed her to only take "safe" candy {you know Skittles, Twizlers, etc.} - I have to admit to some minor heavy heartedness at the time but these times have passed.

When trick-or-treating the girls always pick a piece of candy even if there are only "unsafe treats"; they are - of course - super excited about the houses that have safe treats, or special treats just for them...At home each girl empties her treat bag onto the table and they separate by safe/unsafe treats.  Next we exchange the unsafe candy for safe candy.  I always buy a bag of "safe" candy which we keep at home for this purpose only.  This year, I am thinking that we will also exchange some candy for nickels...you know because how much candy does one really need, right?!

Now here are Alena's & Mia Rose's tips for a fun Trick-or Treating  -

- See if there is a piece of candy that is safe, if not
- are there other treats like pencils, erasers, tattoos, if not
- choose the piece of candy that is the prettiest .
- Have lots of fun!!!

Now here is how it happened in the past....


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