Saturday, August 30, 2014

Orcas Island - camping at Doe Bay {#gocamping} #getoutside #nature #pnw #washington

For years now we have wanted to go up to Doe Bay on Orcas Island.  Well, okay let me rephrase that I have wanted to go to Orcas Island actually ever since I read about Doe Bay.  Yes, I have been dreaming about this place that sounded so magical.  Sitting at a cove right above water it looks absolutely magical plus the resort is complete with a Sauna and hot tubs.  Now, you may not yet know this about me {and Ron} but we love Sauna; and as if not going to Germany would not be already hard enough for me but the thought on missing out on my several weekly trips to the Sauna just added more salt to an already open wound.  So yes,  since this is  was our summer of living outdoors and camping we reserved a walk-in spot at Doe Bay.  How was it?  Oh my - beyond absolutely magnificent; truly a walk in spot but it was basically just us right above the edge of the water.  Sea otters were feasting right by our campsite, the view of the water, the tranquility, the stars…it was such a reward for the seemingly long walk to the site.  Plus have I mentioned the Sauna yet?  Such a magical place - a beautiful big Sauna right behind the sunken hot tubs with views to the bay.  Yes,  we may have spent a couple of hours there every single day…just pure bliss.

Those of us living in the Pacific Northwest surely have all heard about the San Juan Island an archipelago located in the northwest corner of the United States and are part of Washington State.  There are a total of about 400 islands of which 128 or so are named and they lie between the continental coast of Washington and Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.  There is ferry service to four of the islands - San Juan, Lopez, Shaw, and Orcas - from Anacortes, Washington.  The islands are a nature lovers dream…wild life, hiking, sea kayaking…pure bliss; and yes getting there is already part of the fun; I mean who does not like to arrive at their vacation destination by ferry?!
Take a look…

After about an hour on the ferry we arrived at Orcas and drove straight to Doe Bay which is at the other end of the island.  The drive took us through the quaint village of Eastsound as well as through Moran State Park right below Mount Constitution….outdoor heaven, friends. Now can you guess how we spent our days?!  Oh yes,  we hiked…one we went up to Mount Constitution and walked up the last 1.2 Miles on the trail up

An other day we hiked around Mountain Lake

On the rainy day our not so much into hiking Mia Rose went on strike and refused to go on a little hike.  So Alena and I set out on our own on a little hike at Obstruction Pass State Park, yes we did get soaked but were ready for the Sauna and hot tub :)

But what about the kids?  Did they have fun?  YES - I can assure of that, we all made great friends and the kids had lot's and lot's of playtime {as well as s'mores} with their new friends while the adult had lot's of great conversation with our new friends.  Oh, and I almost forgot to mention a few other great things about Doe Bay - not only is it scenic, relaxing but you will also meet the nicest people every plus there are showers, and a guest kitchen with two stoves, two refrigerators plus a dining area.  Perfect for camping on a rainy day…and meeting new friends

All of us caught the same ferry back to the mainland or America as they say on the island when it was time to say good bye….


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