Sunday, August 3, 2014

Spinach Pancetta Beef Rouladen {Spinach Panchetta Beef Roll-ups} for #SundaySupper

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Happy Sunday everyone;  I am so excited to participate in this week's Celebration of Beef for Sunday Supper event.  Today twenty of us will feature a variety of different beef dishes; each one with a different twist.

Beef is a favorite in our house any time of year ~ a quick stir fry, a delicious special occasion steak, a nice roast, stewrouladen, gulasch and yes when camping beef is our dinner choice. We just returned from our camping {tenting} vacation to Orca's Island and guess what we had for dinner?  Yup, you are right it was beef;  beef is so versatile.  We thinly sliced a steak and placed it in the pan with onions, peppers as well as seasoning for easy beef fajitas. Another night we fried up lean ground beef with seasoning for beef tacos. It was perfect!

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Are you ready for Spinach Pancetta Beef Rouladen? Delicious thinly sliced beef stuffed with spinach, pancetta, sun dried tomatoes, and walnuts spell perfection.  A perfect summery twist on the Roulade I make in the winter time; instead of pancetta you can also use prosciutto. Take a look - what do you think?

Spinach Pancetta Beef Rouladen

4 slices of beef roulade
   1 Tb salt
   1  tsp pepper
   1  tsp dried Italian herbs
   1  tsp fresh lemon zest {from an untreated lemon}
1/2 C fresh basil {packed}
1/4 C walnuts
   3 TB Olive Oil
1/2 tsp salt
   4 garlic cloves
   1 Tbs fresh lemon juice
   8  thin slices of pancetta or prosciutto
   1 C walnuts, toasted in a pan and coarsely chopped
1/2 C dried tomatoes finely sliced
   2 C washed fresh spinach
       Kitchen twine
For roasting
    2  TB Canola OIl
    1  large carrot, cleaned and chopped {1-1/4 C}
    1  medium fennel bulb, chopped {1 C}
    1  medium onion coarsely sliced
    1  TB tomato paste
  1-2 tsp salt
    2  tsp Italian herbs
    1  tsp pepper
  3/4 C  dry red wine
     3 C  water
For the gravy
1-1/2 TB honey
   1/2 tsp  dried chili flakes {or more to taste}
      1 TB lemon juice

*** Preheat the oven to 350F***

  1. Lay out the beef roulade {thin slices of top round work great}
  2. Lightly the meat with the salt/pepper/herb seasoning {you may have some leftovers of the rub}
  3. Prepare the pesto by placing all of the ingredients in a food processor; process until the ingredients come together into a smooth paste
  4. Divide the pesto among the four rouladen; smooth the pesto onto the entire roulade {inside only}
  5. Place two slices of pancetta or prosciutto onto each of the rouladen
  6. Divide the nuts and tomato slices evenly among the four rouladen and spread on top of the pancetta{prosciutto}
  7. Top each roulade with spinach
  8. Carefully roll up each roulade and tie it with twine {here are more details}
  9. Heath the oil in a oven proof dutch oven  
  10. Brown each roulade {I brown two at a time} from all sides.  Once they are browned from each side, take them out of the pot and set aside.  When all of the rouladen are browned
  11. Add - if necessary - a little bit more oil and roast the carrots, fennel, and onions until fragrant.  
  12. Add the tomato past and roast for another minute or so
  13. In the next step add the wine, carefully stirring up all bits and pieces {be careful not to burn yourself}
  14. Add back the rouladen together with any juices that have collected on the plate
  15. Add the water and bring everything to a slow simmer.  
  16. Cover and place in the oven; cook for about 90 minutes turning them every 30 minutes.
  17. When the cooking time is over, remove the rouladen from the gravy.  Place them on a plate, wrapping them in foil.
  18. Pour the gravy together with the vegetables through a strainer.  Press the vegetables through the strainer.  Return the smooth gravy to the pot; bring to a slow simmer then add honey, lemon juice, and chill flakes to taste.
  19. Place the rouladen together with any juices that have collected back into the gravy.  Gently reheat the rouladen.
Yes, there are quite a few steps but it is definitively worth the effort.  Mia Rose ate an entire roulade by herself…

Serve with oven roasted potatoes and a large salad.  Enjoy!

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