Sunday, August 19, 2012

Blueberry picking fun

You know that the middle of August has atrrived in Portland when the grass turns brown {yes, it is true it does not rain all the time in Portland -  psssst please do not share our secret :)}, and it is time to go blueberry picking.  All of us just love Oregon blueberries and we pick enough to last us way into the winter.  We usually head over to Sauvie Island, but this year we were ready to give a different location a try.  I get email notifications from Tri-County Farm about various farms in the greater Portland area with produce. The email mentioned Klock Farms in Corbett. Corbett is a town on the way to the Columbia River Gorge. It actually lies above it, and also above Portland. It is a scenic drive, and closer to our house than Sauvie Island.

The blueberry picking was fantastic.  We got assigned a row for picking  and had 14 lbs.of sweet, juicy blueberries  in less than an hour.  

This is a fantastic farm to pick as there are also picnic benches in the shade. Perfect for an outdoor lunch! Take a look...

The farm is located on the way up to Larch Mountain.  I have known about it for a long time but - this is so hard to believe - have never made it up there. For some reason we always forgot about it. Not so yesterday, worth it. Yes, it be even better to come up and be prepared for a hike and not just for the short stroll to the viewing site. Well, we were so unprepared - in our flip flops - for a hike so all we could do was go on the brief walk to take in the view. It was beautiful - even so brief, but still enough to fill our lungs with  mountain air, and minds with the calmness of the woods.

View from Larch Mountain

Next time we will be better prepared and hike before we pick our blueberries :)


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