Saturday, February 28, 2009


Every week I buy some cookies for Alena's lunch. Have you seen the Dairy/Wheat free version of Newmans Own Organics ?
  1. Fig Newmans --> be sure to only get the Dairy/Wheat free version as the regular does contain milk
  2. Newmans O's --> they come in a variety of flavors. I have bought the "regular" version before for us. They also come in Dairy/Wheat free
  3. Alphabet's --> I usually buy the "regular" chocolate. This is also available in Dairy/Wheat free
  4. Champion Chip Cookies --> I buy the "regular" flavors. This is also available in Dairy/Wheat free
  5. Hermits --> I buy these - not available Dairy/Wheat free

Here is the link to the site You can not only take a look at the items available, but also see the ingredient list. We like all of them, of course homemade is even better...

Another good option are the "Snackimals" available from Barbara's Bakery. They come in a variety of flavors and you can also get them conveniently packaged in 2-1/8 oz. bags. Great to take along as a "just in case" type snack. All of the "Snackimals" are safe and they are all really good. I just saw that you can also order them online. Here is the link

Happy snacking everyone :)


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