Monday, July 16, 2012

The girls milked a cow...

at Playmobile Funpark in Germany It was obviously not a real cow, but a life size playmobile cow :) We had so much fun!!!
Hello friends....

We drove drove up yesterday from the Lake of Constance to visit our friends in Nuremberg and to visit the Playmobile Park with both families.  The visit was so worth it - total fun for all.  Take a look at the pictures

Alena with the King and Queen (can you find her?)
Amazing water features
Can you find Alena on her way off the Pirate ship?

Can you find Alena on top of the climbing structure?
Mia Rose milking a cow

And finally dinner at a brewery in Nuremberg -> it was Pommes Frites and Nuernberger Wuerstchen for our ladies :)


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