Thursday, July 12, 2012

Swimming, Pommes, and Ice "Cream"

Can you tell that we are on holidays?  We are now relaxing in Ludwigshafen at the Bodensee  We really are having a fantastic time and on the sunny days went swimming in the Lake.  The beach - Strandbad - is only a quick 5-10 minute walk away from our condo and it is just perfect.

Alena has been swimming - with Ron - out into the Lake, while Mia Rose likes to swim in the shallow water.  The perfect day on the beach, or pool for that matter includes - in our book - an order of "Pommes Frites" (French Fries) topped German style with Ketchup and Mayo as well as Ice "Cream".  And yes,  so far we have always been able to find at least two options.  Orange Popsickle "Caretta", or "Capri", as well as "Cola Ice".  It certainly makes for happy girlies and happy parents :)


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