Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer Lentil Soup...

with quick no-knead bread was our Monday night dinner.  It feels like it is the first meal I have made in weeks.  Well, it is true as taco's, roasting potatoes in the oven, roasting chicken do not really count, right?  Well yes, it does but to me it feels like this was the first "real" meal I have made since returning from our trip to Europe.

We all love lentils, as well as soup even in the summer :)  -  I just threw this one together and did not take any measurements on the water, salt, or pepper.  I just adjusted to taste.

Summer Lentil Soup
1-1/2 C of dried brown lentils
1           large carrot, chopped
3          medium celery stalks chopped
2          medium onions diced
4          cloves of garlic, minced
2          tomatoes chopped {I used Roma's}
1          bunch of rainbow chard, stems finely and, leaves coarsely chopped
1          medium potato
3          bay leaves
6 - 10 C of water
            White wine vinegar
             Salt, and pepper to taste
             Olive Oil

1.  Gently heat a splash of olive oil
2.  add onions, and carrots with a pinch of salt until fragrant.  Then add celery - when celery is bright
     green, add garlic and stems of the chard.  When it all is fragrant add,
3.  Lentils, bay leaves, tomatoes and water.  The water should at a very minimum cover the lentils.    
    More is better. Bring to a slow simmer and cover.  Watch frequently, and replace water to make sure
    it stays "soupy". Add white wine vinegar to taste
4. When lentils are soft add the potato.
5. When the potato is soft, add the the leaves of the chard.
6. Adjust salt, add pepper, and - if you like it - add more white wine vinegar

Serve with crusty bread! - I made quick no-knead bread with it.

Oh, and this recipe made enough for me to freeze the left-overs for another dinner in the future....


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