Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bucatini w/ Spinach for {#WorldPastaDay} and #WeeknightSupper

Do you know that October 25th, of every year is World Pasta Day?  Well, I did not know that either but just recently learned that there is actually a day designated to honor one of this families my favorite foods.

To celebrate I made Bucatini - we all love Bucatini; such a fun pasta.  I know, I know one should not play with food and never ever let your children play with food...but Bucatini are such fun.  Yes, you peek through them, you can {well, theoretically} use them as a straw...They must be one of my absolute favorite pastas.  Well, you along with the Oriecchiette , Penne, Rontini, Orzo, get the picture, right?! I really - against my better judgment - like pasta...but truth be told, it is such an easy delicious dinner plus there are always leftovers for lunch...

So here it is Bucatini with Spinach, Tomato Confit, and Meatballs
copyright galactopdx 2012

It was kind of a hodgepodge put together the foods we had at home to make a yummy sauce.  So tonight there will be no detailed recipe.  So sorry, if I disappoint today...

copyright galactopdx 2012

I first fried up the meatballs - 3/4 lbs. of mild italian sausage formed in to little meatballs - removed them from the pan and pour off the excess oil.  Then sauteed the onion, a little garlic, some lemon rind {I really enjoy lemon rind lately} - added a little white wine, rind of parmesiano regiano, and the tomato confit.  Let it simmer down a wee bit before adding a generous tablespoon of Tofutti sourcream.  Next I added a tiny bit of red crushed pepper - please do not tell my husband this.  A couple minutes before the pasta was done, I added the spinach to the pan.  Covered the pan, and added a squeeze of lemon juice.  Once the pasta is drained,  pour sauce over it and toss.  Finally add meatballs and serve with a generous helping of Paremsiano Regiano.

Have a great Happy World Pasta Day :)  What is your favorite pasta?


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