Thursday, October 11, 2012

Spinach with Sage Sausage on Polenta #WeeknightSupper

This week has been so busy - all of us were ready for the weekend by Tuesday night.  Now that is something that usually does not happen around here :) - It has been a week of quick dinners.  From our weekly CSA box we had some lovely spinach, and I decided to pair it with sage sausage on a bed of polenta.  For a change, I made the polenta with mushroom broth {that is why it is not all golden} and it turned out fantastic.  Nice earthy flavor, and it was perfect with the sauteed spinach.

Spinach with Sage Sausage on Polenta
- 1 C of polenta
- 4 C mushroom broth {I use Pacific brand}
-   rind of paremsiano regiano {I used 2}
-   pinch of salt
- 1 lbs. bulk sage sausage
- 1 - 2 bunches of spinach
- 1 garlic clove, minced
- Splash of white balsamic vinegar
- 1/2 C of grated paremsiano regiano

1. Bring mushroom broth, with rind of parmesiano to a boil, then
2. in a steady, slow stream pour in the polenta.  Stir - with a wooden spoon - as you pour it {be careful
    not to burn yourself as it will be bubbly} in.  Reduce heat.  Polenta will be bubbling, stir frequently,
    until polenta has desired consistency.
3. While polenta is cooking, in a separate pan fry the sausage until crumbly, then add garlic sautee for
    another minute before deglazing the pan with a spalsh of white balsamic vinegar. Then,
4. Add spinach, and cover.  It is ready for serving when spinach has wilted.

Ladle polenta on plate, and top with sausage-spinach mixture.  Serve with grated parmesiano.

This was a great as well as tasty mid week dinner at our house.  The entire family liked it a lot :)


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