Friday, October 19, 2012

Greens, beets, roasted chicken, and pasta for #WeeknightSupper

No soup or stew for a change of pace at our little house :)  Let me just say that Ron was quite happy when he heard that it will be Roasted Chicken for dinner.  I am not a big chicken roaster, it kind of  - please do not laugh - intimidates scares me.  Well, until that was until I saw the Chicken Roasted in White Wine by Anne of the Webicurian brought to the #SundaySupper.  Pieces of chicken, roasted in white wine...yes, I can do that.  Perfect - it turned out great; we had a dinner guest tonight and they all loved it. Are they not cute?

Oh, and let me tell you it is just like Anne said - the dinner is so easy to prepare {it does take some time in the oven but no hands on time}, and the house just smells so good! Get the recipe from the Webicurean here - I made a couple of adjustments by using fresh minced garlic, and Sauvingon Blanc.  As a side I roasted some beets {perfect to roast along for the last 30 minutes} tossed in olive oil. and saut├ęd some greens with garlic, finely chopped {untreated} lemon zest, salt, and a squeezed some lemon juice ontop. I served the chicken on top of some pasta...and here it is....
Greens, beets, roasted chicken, and pasta
Yes, yes, yes my picture is by far not as beautiful as the original by Anne, but it sure was delicious :)


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