Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sunriver Fun - Playing in the snow & treats

Last weekend we drove out to Sunriver for a long weekend.  Time to play in the snow, soak in the hot tub, swim in the pool, and just hang out.  Sunriver is the perfect spot for that. Well, at least in my opinion :)

We rent a cabin {oh yes, complete with hot tub :)} and play outdoors.  This was the first time we have gone in the winter; prior to that it always either late, or early summer. The driving over the mountain pass has actually held us back in the never know whether there is a snow storm up on Mt. Hood.
Oregon winter roads
It was raining in Portland - snow storm on Mt. Hood - dry in Bend - snowy in Sunriver
Because of the snow storm on the mountain we left town {that is Portland} without any groceries, except you know Pasta, Earth Balance, a couple of packs of Oat Milk, and - yes - chips as a snack for the girlies...I have to admit so, that the last time we went out to Bend we realized that there is a Trader Joe's on the way.  Otherwise, I would not have left without our essential food items as sometimes it can be a little challenging to get "safe" foods for the girlies :). In any case  needless to say our first stop was at Trader Joe's where we stocked up on Soy Yoghurt, Chocolate Soy Milk, bread etc. - After dinner it was the perfect time for a soak with snow falling on our heads - such a nice change :)

We woke up to winter wonderland and decided to give Cross Country Skiing a try.  Do you remember our snow shoeing day?  If not, Mia Rose was not so excited about hiking on snowshoes, so it was time to give another winter sport a try.  We honestly, did not know how the ladies would like it.  It could go either way, right?  Well, if you know us a little bit you understand that we have to spend time outdoors. We love the outdoors...anyway we rented skis, drove towards Mt. Bachelor to "Meissner" Sno-Park, and gave it a try...

I think that we have found our winter sport!  Yes,  we all loved it - serene, beautiful, a good workout....the girls did such a fantastic job.  The first day we skied 2 miles, and the second day we went out for 3 miles. Take a look...

Cross Country Skiing - Bend
Cross Country Skiing at Meissner Sno-Park
See what we found...
Can you see "it" on Alena's hand?

and you know what? There was even a little coffee shop trailer at end of the trail and - now that IS the really big news - they had Vegan Hot Chocolate for the ladies.  We were so, so excited.  Alena asked first "Oh, I really wish I could have hot chocolate..." we asked and voila...THE perfect treat for both ladies as well as for both parental units...But you know, that it would have also been okay for both girls had they not been able to have a treat at the coffee trailer on at the Sno Park.


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