Friday, February 1, 2013

Dinners {Blueberry Pancakes Pasta w/Kale} Field Trip = Busy Week

Did you all miss me?  I am here but have so ueberbusy...not complaining just saying how it is.  January 31st was a deadline I could not miss for work which in itself would have kept me crazy busy, but as I was chaperoning Alena on her field trip I ended up working a "night shift".  No, I am really not complaining just explaining.

Yes, we did have dinner and I was quite grateful for my freezer and the leftover Hopping John from New Year's Day.  It was great, and since it was National Blueberry Pancake Day we had the strange combination of Blueberry Pancakes {same recipe just swap blueberries for nuts}, Hopping John, and rice for dinner.  I think that is what crazy weeks are for, right?  Combination fun dinners...

Tuesday night dinner included a large big salad, and on Wednesday it was fresh Rotini with purple Kale {my new favorite Kale} and sausage.  This easy dish is always a hit in my house. Everyone loves it and even better with fresh pasta.
Purple Kale & Sausage

Oh, yes and the field trip with Alena's class was on Wednesday.  It was great!  We went downtown Portland.  First stop was the Wells-Fargo Museum, and the next stop was the Oregon Historical Society.  I highly recommend both - and did you know that if you live in Multnomah County there is no fee to go to the Oregon Historical Society.  We only saw a little bit - the kids learned how Native Americans lived on the Pacific Shore and contrasted it with those living in the Oregon dessert.  It was very interesting.  After lunch we learned all about our geology, earth quakes, tsunamis, and volcanos {since we have all of those here}.  It was really fun, but the kids were exhausted.
Alena & her friend at the Portland Wells-Fargo Museum

So, this rounds up our week and yesterday? Well...we did go out to HopWorks for dinner.

Come back tomorrow to see what will be on our dinner table tonight :)

Have a great day, all!!!


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