Thursday, February 26, 2015

Family #hike at Lacamas Lake Park - Camas, #Washington {#pdx #kids}

Time flies, flies, flies and we have been like busy bees.  So needles to say that I we {as in the parental units} have really been looking forward to a nice family hike.  This winter has been crazy here in the Pacific Northwest ~ it has been so warm that all the snow at Teacup Nordic is gone.  Yes, the year we were going to ski every weekend = no snow.   Daffodils are already in full bloom, friends - so I thought that maybe the lilies are already getting ready to bloom at Lacams Lake Park and thus its the perfect excursion.

We first went on this hike a couple of years ago and I have to say it is a great hike.  It is close to Portland - only about 25 minutes from our house in Southeast - even so it is on the other side of the river aka Columbia.  This hike packs a lot of everything;  you hike over a dam and then you can decide whether to take the lake loop which is about 1-1/2 miles or take a longer loop down to the waterfalls.  Now you may know that I really like love waterfalls; they are so amazing, powerful and beautiful; so there is no question that we took the longer loop.  The trail leads down into the canyon over some rocks, curving along the creek onto a couple of different wooden bridges until you reach the Lower Falls. This is the perfect spot for a break - it does get a little busy…

From the Lower Falls

we worked our way back out of the canyon; now our biggest complaint about this hike is that everything is very poorly marked.  We chose to take a trail leading up through the woods and confirmed with other hikers that it indeed is the right trail.  The trail is very serene and it got a lot less crowded - let me also say that both girls were great as we kept listening for birds.  Out of the woods the trail leads to a gravely road - no cars - where we saw a few hikers and this the way to the Lilly field.  I remembered just how beautiful and amazing it was; an unexpected treasure…

Luckily we found the trail leading us up to the lilly field; oh my…no, lilies are not yet in bloom but this place is magical.  There is a sense of being out in the middle of nature - very far away from civilization. The colors - patches of bright green moss, flower stamps, dark green fir trees, light green lichen, rocks covered with lichen and patches of moss.  Just us and nature. Oh, how can one not believe in fairies…true magic…

At this point the girls were ready to get back to the trailhead and spend some time on the playground.

Good to know before you go -
The trails are poorly marked it is good idea to print out a trail map, or carry your hiking book.
This is a easy-moderate hike but - the loop we took with addition of the lily field - it is about 3.6 miles.
Be sure to take water, snacks, and wear sturdy shoes.

Have fun!


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