Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fun at a Birthday Party...even without having cake

The whole family was invited to a Birthday Party today. This was the first kids birthday party I was not 100% prepared for. Yes, I figured out ahead of time and made sure that there was food for the girls. I also thought about the cake. This is where I failed as I neither baked a cake nor stopped at Sweet Pea to get cup cakes for the girls...I shamefully admit that I really did not think this one through 100%!!!

The big thing however is that both girls had a ton of fun. Alena ate a tuna sandwich, and lots of fruit. Mia Rose just indulged herself in eating watermelon. When it was time for the cake, I told Alena that the cake had "Kuhmilch" and that I did not bring an alternate dessert. Once she knew that it was no big deal at all. She continued to stay on the swing. I also told Mia Rose that I messed up. She choose to sit at the table and watch the other kids eat. It broke my heart and I felt so bad...she on the other hand was completely OK about not being able to eat the cake. Good thing we had Raspberry Sorbet at home to make up for that...

Lesson I learned today is to always, always prepare 100% for every single party!!!


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