Friday, May 22, 2009

Kettelman Bagels...they are fantastic

This morning Mia and I stopped at Kettelman's to get bagels. Mia got a salt bagel, and we got Alena's favorite for her as an after school treat...the "everything bagel". I also bought a fresh raisin challah for snacking. In my opinion they have the best bagels in town. And if you like schmear on your bagel, they also carry Tofutti, plain and flavored :) Even better they are certified kosher and there is a listing with all of the items which are parve. I was so excited when I saw that...this makes picking the safe foods for the girls really safe...Kettelman's now has two locations. One in South East Portland, and the other on NW 21st. Here is a link to Kettelman's


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