Friday, April 16, 2010

Empowerment works :)

Mia Rose attends school two full days each week. Her school is a little different than Alena's as there is cook who makes daily meals from scratch. I previously talked about how impressed we are with the foods she eats. Fruits, veggies, seeds, beans...she loves Swiss Chard really amazing. In any case, when we picked her up yesterday the cook shared with me that they had scrambled eggs for lunch. And let me tell you Mia Rosie loves scrambled eggs ;) Anyway, but before she put one morsel of food in her mouth she asked the cook " there any cows milk in this...". Remember she just turned 4 - I am so proud, excited and just feel validated that our approach works. Both children are aware of the fact that they cannot eat anything containing milk. We keep "non-safe" items in the house, trust them and even our little one now makes sure foods are safe before she eats it.

I said it many times before, that there was a time where only "safe" foods could be found in our home. I am so thankful to our friends in Italy for showing us just how important the empowerment of our kids is. Otherwise, I am not sure if they would ask if the food is OK as they probably would just assume that everything they get is "safe" thoughts for the day :)


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