Friday, July 30, 2010

Amazing levels, amazing visit to the Metabolic Clinic and cheeses

We have the results from the recent draw. Both girls have perfect levels!!! Did I mention, that dinner the night before the blood draw included lots of Parmeseano Regiano tomatoes and garbanzo beans?  Yay....I am so, so very excited that the levels came back perfect.

We had our metabolic appointment on Tuesday and I had to pick-up the girls early. Neither was excited about the appointment out of fear that there would be a pain involved... To mix things up a little bit and make it fun, we did not drive up to OHSU today, but took the aerial tram.  Both were excited to ride the tram...oh, and if you do not live in Portland and wonder what I am talking about here is the link to the aerial tram  The tram connects the upper and lower part of OHSU.  It is quite amazing, and on a clear day you can see Mt. Hood :)

Our visits was great as usual. It did however stand out, from previous visits because this time we got the green light to expand on cheeses for the girls. Our new dietitian was very prepared and brought along the abstract of a British research study concluding which cheeses the British deem as safe.  This fall  adding Gruyezer, Emmenthaler, and Grana Padano Parmesan to the Parmesiano Regiano.Yay!!! FYI - Jarlsberg is also on the list, but I however am not a great fan.... Kaesspaetzle (= home made egg noodles baked with Emmenthaler & Gruyezer topped with browned onions) will meet new friends :)

Jokes aside - I am so thrilled to finally get the official green light on these cheeses from our Metabolic Clinic.  Europeans have long advocated for Galactosemics to eat aged cheeses due to the calcium.  And I do admit, that both kids have eaten Emmenthaler, as well as Gruyezer before just in small amounts.  I limited the amounts as I was not certain how much would beOK....

What about you?  Do you allow, or eat aged cheeses?  Will you allow it?  Do you like it? Does it worry you?  I would love to hear from you!!!


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