Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Another great camping trip...

Last weekend we took another great camping trip.  Oh, how we love summer and the camping trips it brings :) In any case, last weekend we drove only 1-1/2 hrs east to Memaloose State Park in the Columbia Gorge.  It is one of the hottest spots in the Columbia Gorge and temperatures last weekend were in the low 90s....The highlight for the girlies was meeting J.R. Beaver in person. J.R. Beaver is the mascot of the Oregon State Parks Junior Ranger Program - here is a link to the official page http://www.jrbeaver.org/main.php. Both Mia Rose and Alena were both in total aaahhh. "J.R. is my favorite" Mia Rose said...and both proudly put on their J.R. Beaver tattoo's immediately.

Besides meeting J.R. we went swimming in the Columbia River, cooked on the campfire, and the girlies roasted marshmallows.   Swimming in the Columbia and cooking on the campfire were a first for us.  Let's just say that both were amazing.  Swimming was so much fun, and our meal was the best we have ever had when camping.  What did we make you ask?  Well, we made Fajitas.  We brought our cast iron pan along, I chopped the onions, peppers, and Ron cooked it all one by one on the campfire.  Topped it with lime juice, and served it with corn tortillas.  That was a true winner :)

Here are some pictures....

Ron putting up our tent
Alena is enjoying the water
Ron and Alena swimming

Here we are meeting J.R. Beaver
Alena, J.R. Beaver, Mia Rose, and me.  
The four of us :)


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