Thursday, July 1, 2010

Potlucks I no longer fear you...

Yay - summer has finally arrived in the Pacific Northwest.  It's the time packed with parties, potlucks, picnics and all that fun.

I have to admit that neither Potlucks nor catered outdoor picnics used to be my favorite event.  No, I certainly do no dislike the outdoors - quite different I love being outdoors - but I have always been worried about the food options for the girls. Truth be said, so that is not the way I believe we should live. Exclude ourselves because I worry that there may a ton of foods the girlies cannot eat...That is not what I believe in. But you know what?  That is what I was doing.  I got frustrated because at catered lunches people are generally not aware of Allergens.  Much less even at potlucks.  People don't think about allergens.  And you know what?  I would not be thinking about them either - it was something I never understood in my "Pre Galactosemia" life.

In any case, have come up with some strategies to deal with these fun events.  No different from any of our other strategies they are:-

For catered events I try to

- find out as much as possible about the menu up front,
- call the company to discuss allergens
- call the organizers to find out about desserts
- are there dairy free options? Will we have to bring alternatives?

If all fails I bring food for the girls but that is really the last I want to do.  I want the kids to feel included and not different.
For Potlucks - and they are much harder - the strategy is to

- call the organizer to determine what types of food people will be bringing
- ask organizer to have foods marked with ingredients used - and I mention the allergen issue.
  • I know that sounds like a lot to ask for - but just basic ingredients.  I certainly do not ask that recepies be amended just for us...I am not that self centered. Well at least, I try not to be ...
For potlucks I also make sure to bring at least a couple of foods the girls can have - just to be on the safe side - such as potato salad, sausage, cuties, etc.

Now, I feel prepared and am happy to say "Potluck I no longer fear you"!!!

How do you deal with this?  I would love to hear from you!

Happy Summer to all of you!!!


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