Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hello again :)

How is everybody?  Well,  we are all doing good.  Me and Alena have adjusted very well to school.  It was a very hard first month and I dare say it?  Yes, I will now I love it.  I have come a very long way.  The beginning was not hard because of Alena's dietary issues,  it was just hard to adjust to a new school.  We came from a small private setting were the teachers had an abundance of time for every child, two teachers in every single class room.  Alena's first grade teacher just has a very different style - and we love it. We do not need to worry one last second about her getting food that is not OK.  For one,  Alena always asks, and secondly we worked it out well with the nurse, teacher, and principal.

The principal actually called me over Labor Day weekend right before school started to assure us that we would not have to worry.  The plan was set and everyone went above and beyond to make sure that no mistakes will happen.  We put Cuties as well as pop-sickles in the "special" freezer in the teacher lounge with Alena's name on it.  Whenever there is a party her teacher goes to the freezer to get Alena her treat.  So now, of course I somehow feel like a fool for having had such worries...but I guess that is just what Mama's do :)

Have a great Wednesday everyone...and thank you for reading :)


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