Friday, April 29, 2011

It's Kids Night Out - we made pizza for the girls to take along. Peperoni, sausage, kalamata olives, and sauce (from Trader Joe's)

Kids Night Out - the first one this school year. Yes, I am not kidding :))) Both girls were so excited and we did make pizza again, just like we did last school year. Well, but I do have to admit that this time I bought the dough at New Seasons - I ran out of Olive Oil!!! - it still was fun. A jar of Trader Joe's Olive Oil, pepperoni, kalamata olives, and sausage. Sometimes we top the pizza with Parmeseano Regiano, Alena however told me "I do not like cheese on pizza". So it was a cheese less delicious pizza, and it was baked to perfection at school :)))


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