Friday, April 5, 2013

Fun Field Trip to the Rice Museum....

Happy Friday!!! Today Alena's class went on a field trip.  You know what that means, right? Yup, it means that I chaperone. Parent involvement at our  school is amazing; many parents help in the classroom, some organize and manage the weekly running club, others organize the science fair, while others work on fundraising programs...but I copy - which I am quite good at :) - and chaperone on field trips....

All the 3rd grader went on the field trip to the Rice Museum in Hillsboro, Oregon.  It is about a 45 minutes bus ride - yes, I did get to ride on the school us today - at least from our part of town. So what is the Rice museum? Well, it is not about rice - as far as I know Oregon is not one of the major rice producers ;)  - but a museum founded by the Rice family and it is all about rocks and minerals. Wow - let me just tell you that this place is major fun as in FUN. Really, exhibits with amazing rocks, fossils and minerals are stacked wall to wall. in the exhibits There is an exhibit with rocks that glow in the dark, a room of petrified wood and shelves lines with polished "slices" of it showing off their amazing colors as well as textures, a meteorite gallery {yes you get to touch them}. . Plus let me not forget to tell you about the room with packed with huge emerald formations, amethyst, rubies, sapphires, diamonds and so many other crystals formations...just amazing. Take a look at some of the exhibits...the pictures are courtesy by no other but Alena :)
Rice Museum of Rocks & MInerals Hillsboro Oregon

Yes, the 3rd graders - as well as the chaperons -  had so much fun.  We ate lunch, Oregon style outside 

and at the end of the tour all kids got to search for their own treasure in the large rock pile outside. Can you see how much fun Alena and her friends are having?

The next time we go out to the beach we will definitively have to stop there. Ron and Mia Rosie will love this place...ahhhhm yes it will not just be for me :). Alena loved it just as much.  Here she is :)


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