Monday, April 15, 2013

It's Trillium season at Tryon Creek State Park

Spring has sprung when the Trillium is in bloom. At least that is what I think since moving to Oregon ten years ago.  One of the best places in Portland to observe these amazing flowers in full bloom is Tryon Creek State Park.  Now, you may - or may not - know that this this is one of our favorite hiking spots in the city.  You can be in the middle of nature, yet it is in the city - true there are many parks in Portland offering this, but to me Tryon Creek is one of the most accessible with children.

Yesterday, we went on our Tryon Creek hike to admire the Trillium's - just in the nick of time.  They start out in a beautiful crisp white,


then the color turns slightly pink, and finally turn into a dark shade of pink.  They are amazing!

We like to hike at Tryon Creek quite a bit, and so far thought that we knew every trail...was I wrong!  The girls wanted to take the trail to the Red Fox Bridge yesterday and it was a completely new trail to us.  A little longer than the other trails we usually take but less busy and just perfect.  We saw fairy ponds, and this watershed where you can just imagine that the water fairies live there.  Right?!
Tryon Creek - Where water fairies live
Can you find the water fairies? 


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