Sunday, February 16, 2014

Red Wine Cherry Chocolate Bars for #SundaySupper #HBturns50

Every party needs wine - at least that is what I think and my favorites are red wines that are rich,  jammy and dark ruby red in color. Welcome to today's #SundaySupper event Ways to Pair, Cook & Entertain with HeartyBurgundy  sponsored by Gallo Family Vineyards .  The perfect theme -  HeartyBurgundy  has everything I like in a wine; It is rich, with jammy notes, and  ruby red in color.  It pairs perfectly with rich flavorful foods and enhances any meal.   

In our house a party is not complete unless there is wine.  Wine belongs in the glasses of our guests and also in the food when cooking.  Tell me, what is a Bolognese Sauce, or Rouladen without wine?  Yes, the taste is just not the same without wine. HeartyBurgundy is the perfect wine to use in Bolognese Sauce, Rouladen etc. not only does it taste great but since it is available in a 1.5 liter bottle there is enough for the recipe plus you still plenty to enjoy with your guests.  Perfect, right?!  The limited HeartyBurgundy  anniversary edition 1.5L bottle will be available this February in most stores for about $9. Look for the Golden Anniversary Edition Hearty Burgundy at a retailer near you, usingGallo Family’s Where to Buy Tool.  Learn more about Hearty Burgundy and other great wines from Gallo Family Vineyards by following on  Facebook Page,  Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

A great dinner party needs delicious food, great wine and great dessert. What is a dinner party without dessert? This is why I bring dessert that is rich, flavorful, plus it is bursting with delicious flavor of HeartyBurgundy, cherries, and rich dark chocolate to our virtual #SundaySupper table.  It is based on  Rotweinkuchen {Red Wine Cake} that is super juicy, full of dark chocolate and just so good!!!  It is easy, however it takes at least a couple of days to make because in order for the cherries to absorb all the delicious Hearty Burgundy flavor they need to bathe in them for at least 24 hours… 

Red Wine Cherry Chocolate Bars
       1 C dried unsweetened cherries
       2 C  Hearty Burgundy*
       3     whole cloves
       1     vanilla bean pod {scrape out the vanilla and set aside**}
       2 sticks Earth Balance or other butter/margarine of your choice at room temperature
       1-1/4 C sugar
       4 eggs
       1-1/3 C grated hazelnuts
       1-1/4 C flour
       2-1/4 tsp baking powder
       4 Tb ground cocoa
       1 tsp cinnamom
       1/4 ground cloves 
       3/4 C Hearty Burgundy - *reserved from soaking cherries see above
       1/2 C chcoolate chips
       1/2 C dried cherries
       1/2 C powdered sugar
       2-3 Tbs Hearty Burgundy - *reserved from soaking cherries see above
Note: Prepare the cherries at the very least 24 hours before you want the dessert; mine soaked for 36 hrs before I used them

  1. Place 1 C dried cherries in bowl
  2. Add wine with cloves and vanilla bean pod to a pot and bring to a slow simmer; do not boil the wine and continue to simmer for about five minutes until the spices release their flavor into the wine.
  3. Pour wine over the dried cherries.  Cover and let the cherries soak in the wine for at least 24 hours or until they have nicely plumped up.
  4. When the cherries are ready; separate the fruit from wine+ and take out the spices. Reserve in two separate bowls.
  5. ***Preheat oven to 355 F ***
  6. In a kitchen machine cream butter together with sugar and when well combined
  7. Add one egg at a time.  Beat the mixture for about 30 seconds before adding the next egg.  Repeat. Once all of the eggs are incorporated,
  8. Add grated hazelnuts and continue mixing
  9. In a separate bowl mix baking powered, cinnamon, ground cloves, vanilla, and ground cocoa into the flour
  10. Add flour mixture to the dough then
  11. Add 3/4 C of reserved wine (from the cherries) to the dough.  Mix until the dough comes together 
  12. Prepare a 9-1/4 " X 13-1/4" baking pan. Pour dough into it and place reserved cherries on top of it. 
  13. Bake for about 40 minutes or until a tooth pick comes out clean.
  14. Remove from the oven and let it cool down.  When cool, prepare the frosting by combining powdered sugar with 2-3 Tbs of the reserved wine.  Drizzle the frosting over the baked Drunken Cherry Chocolate and top with additional dried cherries.  Let frosting dry and when dry cut into bars.
Note:  Enjoy the leftover wine from soaking the cherries with the dessert - there will however not be a lot left :)

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