Monday, February 3, 2014

Trip to #NYC Birthday celebration for 50 years of Gallo Family Hearty Burgundy #HBturns50

Today, let me tell you about my amazing trip to New York City.  Just to refresh your memory, I was invited to the big 50th Birthday celebration for the Gallo Family Vineyards Hearty Burgundy through my participation in the December #SundaySupper event sponsored by Gallo Family Vineyards; plus I could bring a guest.  Yes, that is right - me and my guest went to this amazing party.  Now you may remember from my initial post that I kept my guest a secret.  Yes, and the big reveal as to who I brought happened on Instagram and Twitter.  Now do you know who my guest was?  Well, first search the #HBturns50 hashtag on Twitter and Instagram;  not only will you meet my guest face to face, but also see the feed from my trip to NYC and all of the other great celebrations taking place.

So who did I bring?  Okay - it was my friend Heather of girlichef.  I met Heather through the Sunday Supper Movement and over the past year we have become good friends. I was so excited that she joined me for the big celebration. It was wonderful to meet her - let me tell you we had a great time!  Thank you so much, Gallo Family Vineyards.

It's hard to highlight just one thing, because the entire trip was amazing. There is enough for two posts, friends.  Well, at least that is my plan at the moment.  First off,  let me tell you about the spectacular birthday party Gallo Family Vineyeards threw for their deliciously tasty Hearty Burgundy.  It was a 60's Ski Lodge theme, complete with a crackling cozy fire. Yes, there were colorful sweaters and hats, as well.  The weather gods decided to match the theme and gave us a big - well at least for this Portland girl - snowstorm.  Take a look at what our walk from the subway to the event hotel looked like!

Yes, it was cold and snowy, with perfect snow-shoeing conditions, but it sure was pretty and perfectly fitting for the Hearty Burgundy 50 year Birthday party.  By the time we made our way into the party, we were ready to warm up with some of that delicious Hearty Burgundy.   Take a look at beautiful birthday bottle...

Is the presentation not gorgeous?!  Once we arrived, we found a spot close to the fire and enjoyed a glass of delicious Gallo Family Hearty Burgundy, which was the favorite of Gallo Family Vineyards founders, Ernest and Julio Gallo.  It is truly a delicious every day wine, one that I very much enjoyed with its rich, jammy notes and dark ruby color. It's just what I like in a wine!

No party would be complete without some delicious foods to choose from and complement the wine.  Take a look - there was fondue, charcuterie and cheeses, fruit, and so much more!

Not only were the wine, food, and venue out of this world, but also the company; we were so pleased to meet Stephanie Gallo.

Oh, and the music - yes, I do like music - fit the theme to a tee.  Heather may have had to remind me a couple of times that the venue does not allow for dancing...

We had such a wonderful time at the big 50th birthday bash for Gallo Family Hearty Burgundy.  Happy happy birthday to a wonderful wine, and here is to another 50 years - cheers!

Do you want to be a part of the celebration? This limited anniversary edition 1.5L bottle will be available this February in most stores for about $9. Look for the Golden Anniversary Edition Hearty Burgundy at a retailer near you, using Gallo Family’s Where to Buy Tool.

Disclaimer: Compensation was provided Gallo Family Vineyards for my trip to NYC and Hearty Burgundy’s 50th celebration.

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