Monday, January 4, 2010

Great new breakfast place in SE PDX - Slappy Cakes in SE PDX

We had a fantastic "staycation" - Ron took off from work between Xmas and the New Year. I did work a couple of days, but it is just so much easier with one parent at home plus I am quite flexible that I can also work when everybody is taking a break. In any case, during the time off we did something fun with the family every day. Stuff out of the ordinary like bowling (and by the way I lost....ha, lost to a 3 & 6 year old), movies, going out for breakfast or lunch, etc. We did have a lot of fun. On one of the mornings we tried out a new restaurant close to our house. It is called "Slappy Cakes" and the really fun part about it is that there is a griddle in the middle of your table where you can cook your own pancakes. They also have add-on's to the pancakes like blueberries, bacon bits, dried cherries, etc. So much fun AND they, of course otherwise we would not have gone, have also vegan batter. I think they are the best vegan pancakes we have ever eaten. So you order, they oil the grill and they bring out a squeeze bottle with batter plus a dish of Vegan butter (a.k.a. Earth Balance). Then you squeeze the batter on the griddle, add your additional toppings, and voila perfect pancakes. Both girls absolutely loved it and in case you are wondering the additional topping they chose were blueberries (two orders), plus a side of bacon (what strange vegans they are :) )

The rest of the food was also fantastic. Local, sustainable, and fresh. So the next time you want to go out for breakfast, or lunch, and you are in PDX go to - Total fun, and so good.

Happy Monday!


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