Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekend Breakfast...lazy days

Who does not love the weekend. To us lazy weekend's are the best. Take it easy, go out for breakfast, or just stay in PJs way past mid-day and eat waffles or pancakes at home. It is the best!!! Both girls love both waffles and pancakes. Which kid does not love it?! So sometimes we go out for breakfast and pancakes are always the item of choice for Alena. Pancakes are easy - at home, or going out. Here in Portland are plenty of restaurant's that serve delicious vegan pancake's along with vegan "butter" Earth Balance. I also make them quite a bit at home. Either "German" style or "American" style. The "German" style is almost more like a crepes, making thin pancakes - the "American" style pancakes I call the puffy pancakes :) Both are delicious but "German" style are made more frequently in our house. Waffles are a slightly different story. I have not found a restaurant serving dairy free waffles. Oh well, that is nothing to fret about as they are easily made at home. OK yes, I have found several frozen toaster waffles which are acceptable but quite frankly we are not crazy about the taste. So it's a good thing we have a waffle iron. Actually received it as a wedding present a long, long, long time ago. I make the batter from scratch and they turn out very delicious. The girls love them hot or cold! By the way, to make the batter Galactosemia friendly I adapted the recipe and use soy milk (or rice, oat, etc.) in lieu of milk, as well as Earth Balance in lieu of the "cow" butter. It's so easy and there is no reason the kids should not be able to enjoy their weekend waffles every once in a while. Please always remember that anything is possible :) -

Last sentence :) - I am happy to post the recipe, just drop a comment or an e-mail and I will do so.

Happy Sunday!


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