Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Please do not allow your child to eat in the play area...thank you!

One thing that drives my up the wall is parents allowing their children to eat snacks, drink milk, etc. in a play area. Isn't it common knowledge that there are so many food allergies that no longer is it a good idea to let a child eat in the play area. I am really not concerned about my own children because I know that they won't eat or drink from somebody else without first asking me. OK - let's be honest I certainly do not want them covered in a substance containing milk but still that would not be such a big deal. But it is a big deal to the parent of a child with a severe food allergy where just airborne peanut butter can trigger an allergic reaction...
So why am I writing on this topic? - Last week we went to a store to buy a gift. The store we went to actually has an indoor little play area for the kids. Which by the way is a great feature in a small store :) - In any case, there was another little girl, Alena, and Mia Rose. Then I saw that the child inside the play area was eating away (and crumbs all over the place) on a peanut butter (!!!) and jelly sandwich. WOW~ that I have not seen before, plus it was in a clothing store. In any case, I approached the mother whether her daughter could eat outside the play area because my daughter has allergies. The mother responded "Maybe your daughter should leave the play area!!!" which left me for a quick second speechless before responding that it's not OK to eat in a play area...It was baffling but you know, I remember that until CG I never ever thought about reactions to food be it an allergic reaction, or a metabolic disorder. Maybe parents are not aware of the situation until their kids go to school. Never-the-less people need to be aware of this - so please remember there are so many food allergies please, please, please do not let your child eat in the play area.

Oh, one last word I probably should have told the store employees and not dealt with it on my own. Oh well....I will get off my soap box for now.


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